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Platform for pharma commercialisation and market access

IntegriChain is a fully-integrated platform for pharma commercialisation and market access. By providing pharmaceutical technology, data, consulting, and outsourcing solutions, IntegriChain improves how medicines reach customers and helps manufacturers bring their science to market.

Company Background

  • As a leading biopharma commercialisation technology, data and insights platform, IntegriChain helps pharma manufacturers of all sizes bring their science to market, ensuring patients have affordable, timely, and sustainable access to therapies.

  • The Company delivers Pharma's only data-driven commercialisation platform, from strategy to operational execution, and has a unique focus on data, technology, consulting, and outsourcing which connects the commercial, financial, and operational dimensions of drug access and profitability.

  • IntegriChain supports more than 400 pharmaceutical customers. Its ICyte Platform enables pharmaceutical innovators to achieve better commercial outcomes by digitalising daily and recurring business activities and by integrating data and operations across contracting, pricing, channel & distribution, and gross-to-net.

Vision & Outlook

  • IntegriChain is well positioned to help accelerate an industry-wide transformation by providing greater market access transparency and forecasting capabilities, ultimately enabling pharmaceutical innovators to achieve better commercial outcomes.

  • The partnership with Nordic Capital will seek to accelerate IntegriChain’s ambitious growth targets and extend its position as a leading platform for pharma manufacturers to bring their science to market.

  • Through its experience in supporting HealthTech companies with similar growth ambitions, deep-sector knowledge and extensive industry network, Nordic Capital aims to help realise IntegriChain’s full potential.
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Technology & Payments


EUR 110 million




Nordic Capital XI




Philadelphia, PA, USA


Josh Halpern


Darren Weiss



Jim Meyers


Daniel Berglund

Partner | Co-Head of Healthcare | Head of U.S.

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