Growing sustainable businesses

Driving sustainable transformation


At Nordic Capital, sustainability is integral to our business strategy. We seek to drive transformative sustainable growth in the companies we own. To be part of the solution, we invest in companies that actively work to solve global challenges, creating a prosperous society for everyone and driving transformative sustainable change.

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Sustainable performance

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the transparency of our ESG investment approach and progress, Nordic Capital is guided by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on where we can make the greatest contribution and realise significant business opportunities. Nordic Capital’s contribution to society is measured across the portfolio and disclosed on a regular basis.

"The next 20 years of private equity will see the industry playing a more active role in building a sustainable world, whilst driving change within companies to benefit people and the planet. We are in a unique position to support the transition to a digital and low carbon world"

Elin Ljung, Head of Sustainability and Communication

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Elin Ljung

Managing Director - Head of Communications & Sustainability