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Our sustainability approach

Sustainability Strategy

Our belief in the transformative power of private equity to change the future for both people and the planet is embedded in Nordic Capital's culture and investment framework. Nordic Capital is committed to investing responsibly, meaning that responsible business practice is essential for achieving long-term success and value creation.

With a clear commitment to making a positive contribution to society by helping to build strong companies, we drive sustainable development and awareness within our own organisation as well as in the portfolio companies. Our team engages at all stages of the investment process from sourcing and selection through to eventual exit, promoting best practice in governance, social and environmental behaviour within Nordic Capital and its portfolio companies. UNPRI has granted Nordic Capital's sustainability work in top quartile performance for integrating ESG in the investment process.

Backing and scaling solutions to solve global challenges

We are convinced that private investments will play a vital role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by driving sustainable change at scale and speed. We actively seek to invest in companies in our core sectors with business models that target to solve global challenges and to create a prosperous society.

Driving transformative sustainable growth

We set out clear expectations for portfolio companies, ensuring that sustainability is addressed and to maximise the potential impact of our common efforts. We focus on areas that are material to the company in question and where we have the ability to influence as active owners driving sustainable transformative change in close partnership with management during ownership.

Building sustainability capabilities

We seek to equip the portfolio companies by providing training, tools and resources to help them embed sustainability into their business agenda and value creation plan. Nordic Capital offers regular ESG trainings and events to share best practice for board members and key executives.

Access to world-leading sustainability expertise

We offer a strong community including experienced investors with deep sector expertise, operational and functional experts and industrial advisors. This global external network of experts allows us to bring in the right people to support you on your sustainability journey.

Data driven sustainability performance

We believe in having a data driven approach to measure sustainable performance, therefore we support you in collecting, analysing, and breaking down your company’s sustainability performance and in order to gain actionable insights.

Guiding principles

Nordic Capital is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI) and is committed to PRI’s Six Principles. We are also committed to following the standards of Invest Europe and local Venture Capital Associations of which we are members. Our Responsible Investment Policy builds on the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and recognises the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline in our investment process.

Partnerships and collaborative engagements

As sustainability is integral to our investment and ownership strategy, Nordic Capital has established several partnerships aimed at creating value and providing positive contribution, both to local communities and society at large.

Nordic Capital collaborates closely with selected organisations dedicated to ESG principles, acting as signatories, board members and trusted partners advocating to promote sustainable business practices across all aspects of E, S and G. Through these collaborations, Nordic Capital actively engages to advance policy development and endorsement of transparent responsible investing practices in the private equity industry. Nordic Capital regularly participates in industry-wide conferences on sustainability matters and is a panel member at many of the leading RI conferences. Further, Nordic Capital participates in various other working groups and forums, including being represented in specific committees to promote industry standard and ESG guidance.