Strong Partnerships - views from the CEO of Macrobond

APRIL 14 2020

Nordic Capital is an active, engaged owner that works in close collaboration with its portfolio companies. With deep sector knowledge and long experience, we drive transformative growth. 

In this movie, Tomas Liljeborg, CEO of Macrobond tells how Nordic Capital supports Macrobond to achieve its vision to become the global platform of choice for financial and economic research.

"At Macrobond, our vision is to be the preferred provider worldwide when it comes to research solutions. Having Nordic Capital on-board makes that an achievable goal. The team has experience of helping local businesses to succeed on a global stage and that is the trajectory that we are now on. Nordic Capital has also great technological experience that is crucial for scaling outside the Nordic area."

Tomas Liljeborg, CEO, Macrobond

Nordic Capital Thomas 3 Without Title
Tomas Liljeborg, CEO, Macrobond