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Private equity is a people business. Being part of the Nordic Capital team provides the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most exciting businesses, helping them to achieve long-term growth and success. We are proud of our strong culture and values, nurturing an environment with entrepreneurial passion, high performance and equal opportunities.

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"We have a very high performing culture where people are committed to do their best and contribute. At the same time, we are all very down to earth, wanting to create a collaborative environment. This combination makes it both rewarding and fun to be part of the team and work at Nordic Capital. "

Sofia Wetter, HR Director, Nordic Capital Advisors

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"Private equity is a team sport and being part of the team means that you are expected to contribute with your own views and skills and participate in a joint effort of finding the best solutions."

Maria Kulju, Investment Manager, Nordic Capital Advisors

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"Working here offers a great combination of being a local champion with an international outlook. It demands both strategic thinking and operational focus and even after over 15 years in the business I learn something new every day."

Thomas Vetander, Partner, Nordic Capital Advisors