Strong Partnerships - views from the former CEO of Trustly | Nordic Capital

Strong Partnerships - views from the former CEO of Trustly

JANUARY 21 2020

Partnership is one of Nordic Capital's core principles, guiding how we work with our portfolio companies.

When 40 executives and industrial advisors met to discuss scaling businesses at Nordic Capital's Technology & Payments Round Table, we took the chance to talk to three of the CEOs and one Operating Chairman to hear their views on private equity ownership and how their businesses have developed with Nordic Capital’s support.

In this movie, Oscar Berglund, the former CEO of Trustly, talks about the partnership with Nordic Capital.

Nordic Capital Oscar Berglund 5 Without Title
Oscar Berglund, former CEO, Trustly

"I was looking for three things in the partnership with Nordic Capital: Strategic and operational insights helping us choose the right path to go down and to do that well; a network within the industry helping us with introductions to new clients, suppliers and other stakeholders; and good people whom we enjoy working with. Nordic Capital has exceeded all of my expectations on all three."

Oscar Berglund, former CEO of Trustly