Community engagement – both locally and globally

MAY 16 2023

Nordic Capital Advisors strongly believes in the transformative power of private equity to change the future for both people and the planet. During 2022, great strides and achievements were accomplished to further strengthen its ties to communities around the world.

More than ten years ago, the Nordic Capital CSR Committee* was established. The primary mission of the Committee was to support projects that focus on economic empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship – all of which are fundamental and areas in which the Committee is confident that it can make a genuine difference.

Since then, the Committee’s societal engagement has both deepened and widened. Still, the fundamental purpose and motivation remain the same. The objective is to empower our employees to help create healthier, more resilient and sustainable communities, and form long-term partnerships with well-established social impact organisations.

Geopolitical tensions and economic difficulties dominated 2022, making the CSR Committee’s work to create stronger communities even more important. Still, the Committee continued to foster long-term partnerships with more social impact organisations, further strengthening its CSR engagement. One such example is the increased commitment to support vulnerable people in Ukraine via supporting OperationAid, Red Cross, and UNHCR.

In review of 2022, a few notable strides were made.

Supporting economic growth and entrepreneurship in developing communities

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship leaves lasting and positive impacts. That includes support of the Norrsken Foundation, Hand in Hand, and Solar Sisters, with each making a positive contribution and supporting entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Tanzania, India and Europe.

Supporting young people and promoting inclusive education

This is a key area of focus for the Committee’s social engagement agenda. We have a long-lasting partnership with the URDT Girls school in Uganda, which provides an innovative approach to the education in rural areas. Since 2021, we have also entered two new educational partnerships with Läxhjälpen and Teach for Sweden, to increase access and the quality of education.

Backing academic research

The Committee encourages academic research and has supported funding studies into how employment growth is achieved and how entrepreneurship contributes to society. Since 2017, we have backed both the research institute the European Centre for Policy Reform and Entrepreneurship, and in 2022, we provided support to the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm.

"By partnering with robust NGO organisations with a strong commitment to driving change within our focus areas, we can actively impact the communities in which we operate. In a world with increased uncertainty and vulnerability, supporting organisations which enhance economic growth, entrepreneurship and education is important."

Klas Tikkanen, Chairman of the CSR Committee and COO at Nordic Capital Advisors

* The Nordic Capital CSR Committee (or “we”, “us” or “our”) consists of senior partners at Nordic Capital Advisors with a deep and long-term commitment to Nordic Capital’s mission, vision and values, and oversees CSR-commitments by Nordic Capital Advisors, its partners and Nordic Capital foundations.