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Max Matthiessen: accelerating the sustainability commitment

Max Matthiessen is one of the leading financial advisors for pensions, insurance, and investment in the Nordic region. It has been active in the insurance sector since foundation in 1889.

Investment Rationale

  • Centrally placed to benefit from an attractive underlying market growth, driven by several secular macroeconomic trends
  • Capture untapped growth potential in the adjacent business areas of Wealth Management, Non-Life and HR through a modernised product offering and cross-selling to the Life & Pension customer base
  • Strengthen the original organisation and build an executive management team to support the value creation plan
  • Multiple consolidation opportunities in Sweden with pan-Nordic expansion possibilities

Nordic Capital acquired Max Matthiessen in 2020 and since then, the Company has made significant progress in enhancing its sustainability efforts.

Today, the Company has the ambition to become the leading sustainable, advisory platform.

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Sustainable savings for a better future

In addition to complying with and integrating the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals at the core of its business, Max Matthiessen also puts emphasis on making smaller and quicker strides to make the world more sustainable today. This approach guides decision-making, from top to bottom, and makes sure that the Company continues to lead the way in ESG.

Besides incorporating ESG measures in its own business, Max Matthiessen regularly encourages clients to make sustainable investments.

Robust ESG strategy has achieved significant results

In 2021, Max Matthiessen acquired Naventi Fonder, which strengthened its offering of sustainable funds through a partnership with Qblue. Furthermore, Max Matthiessen has invested in its own approach to sustainability, developing a group-wide strategy that focuses on different areas of ESG:

  • Sustainable business model and offer
  • Business ethics and control
  • Climate impact
  • Inclusion and equality
  • Health and safety
  • Leadership and development
  • Talent development

The strategy articulates that each and every division and entity is expected to contribute and makes sure that ambitions and commitments align with the sustainability objectives. Today, ESG strategy compliance is reviewed on a quarterly basis. Max Matthiessen, also, continues to introduce and educate its employees on the Company’s ESG policies.

Key ESG achievements include:

  • 46,7% of total capital inflow in sustainable funds
  • 100% licensed advisors
  • 95% of all self-managed funds are invested in sustainable funds



Light and Dark Green Funds

"As a significant actor and trustee in our industry, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference for our customers and, at the same time, contribute to sustainable development for the entire society. We are convinced that an ambitious and targeted focus on sustainability is a fundamental prerequisite for Max Matthiessen’s continued growth. Nordic Capital has accelerated our sustainable commitment, and we are grateful for their deep knowledge and experience in the field."

Jacob Schlawitz, President and CEO at Max Matthiessen