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Nordic Capital CEO Accelerator Program: “If we can help them become better decision-shapers and not just decision-makers – they’ll lead their companies to better results”

OCTOBER 11 2023

To leverage in-house expertise and share best practices within the portfolio, Nordic Capital launched the CEO Accelerator Program in 2023. With the first class in the books, Olof Faxander, Nordic Capital, together with Jim Pulcrano, IMD Business School, and some of the participating portfolio CEOs, reflect on the rationales and biggest learnings.

Nordic Capital believes in an active ownership approach and that sharing best practices within its portfolio is a competitive advantage.

Over the past years of social and economic turmoil, it is leaders and management teams with a clear vision and strategy that have been able to leverage their skills and networks to seek productivity gains and save costs while retaining the best talent. To build on these learnings, Nordic Capital launched its first CEO Accelerator Program in 2023.

Olof Faxander, Senior Partner, Nordic Capital Advisors comments: "It’s about supporting our CEOs in their leadership to become more effective in their roles and, therefore, achieve better results as leaders in their organisations."

Jim Pulcrano, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at IMD, says that being a good CEO is as much about achieving targets and developing the organisation during the time as CEO, as it is about ensuring that this positive change continues to happen even after they leave. "Our promise was that if we can help these people become better decision-shapers and not just decision-makers, then they would lead their companies to better results," Pulcrano said.

The first group participating in the CEO Accelerating Program consisted of ten CEOs from the Nordic Capital portfolio. For more insights about the program, see the interviews below: