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What makes a good owner? Steffen Wagner, CEO of Advanz Pharma, reflects on the company’s growth journey together with Nordic Capital


Since acquiring Advanz Pharma in 2021, Nordic Capital has supported the global pharmaceutical company's growth and expansion agenda beyond Europe. Steffen Wagner, CEO, discusses the learnings to date and how Nordic Capital have supported Advanz Pharma’s ambition to become the partner of choice for specialty hospitals and rare disease pharmaceuticals.

"The difference between Nordic Capital and other types of owners is the aspirational level, the industry expertise, and the decisiveness and speed at which decisions are taken," said Steffen Wagner, CEO of Advanz Pharma.

During Nordic Capital's ownership, Advanz Pharma has raised its profile, recorded increasing revenues, and created lasting value for people across Europe and beyond. It has also broadened its expertise in several therapeutic areas, with particular strengths in critical care, anti-infectives, endocrinology, cardiovascular and, more broadly, on rare disease medicines.

A key focus for Nordic Capital and Advanz Pharma's management team has been driving the M&A agenda, which has resulted in several notable and transformative add-on acquisitions.

In 2022, the company acquired most of Intercept Pharmaceutical’s subsidiaries and operations in Europe, Canada, and other markets outside the US. This more than doubled Advanz Pharma's commercial and medical team with sizeable additions across key markets within the EU.

Then, in 2023, the company extended its strategic partnership with Alvotech, to commercialise five proposed biosimilars, which will leverage Advanz Pharma's existing speciality and hospital capabilities to ensure successful market registration, commercialisation, and patient access.

Steffen Wagner is pleased with the progress to date but also sees unrealised potential and thrilling opportunities for the company where Nordic Capital as owners will be able to support Advanz Pharma with its deep industry expertise and investment experience.

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"Great partnerships are driven by transparency, directness and frequent communication and a strong strategic alignment"

Steffen Wagner, CEO of Advanz Pharma

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Steffen Wagner, CEO of Advanz Pharma