Strong partnerships - views from the former CEO of Itiviti

JUNE 16 2020

Nordic Capital partners closely with management teams to support positive change at the company level. Much of the value creation comes from operational improvement.

Hear Rob Mackay, CEO of Itiviti from 2019-2021, tell how the teamwork with Nordic Capital has been instrumental to Itiviti’s growth and success as a world-leading technology provider for the capital markets industry.

"Itiviti is growing very rapidly. There are lots of opportunities in the market place and by working with Nordic Capital, we are able to seize these opportunities, to invest and to grow faster every day. Key to this has been support in several important areas such as HR and Purchasing, where we have leveraged Nordic's strengths and experience. Nordic Capital thinks long-term, they are curious, supportive, fully focused on the opportunities available to Itiviti, and they are keen to invest further in our growth."

Rob Mackay, CEO, Itiviti

Nordic Capital Rob Mckay 5 Without Title
Rob Mackay, CEO, Itiviti