Sebastian Wessman, CEO of Sortera: “Nordic Capital is supporting our vision with their vast experience from internationalisation processes”


Since Nordic Capital's acquisition in 2021, Sortera has expanded its international footprint and further increased its contribution to the circular economy. Sebastian Wessman, CEO, talks about being guided by Nordic Capital and avoiding pitfalls on this journey.

"Our vision is to become the leader within our niche segment in Northern Europe. Nordic Capital is really supporting that vision, from their vast experience from internationalisation processes in other companies," said Sebastian Wessman, CEO of Sortera.

The joint aim has been to leverage the company’s timely offering and accelerate its international expansion, strengthen its portfolio of sustainable services, and make it one of the fastest-growing companies within its niche segment in Europe.

In line with the value creation plan, Sortera has gone from being a leader within focused recycling and waste solutions in Sweden to now lead the industry’s sustainable transformation in Northern Europe. As of late, the company has seen a growing presence in the UK, too.

As part of Sortera's growth agenda, the company acquired O’Donovan Waste Disposal in 2022. Later the same year, it also strengthened its position in the soil decontamination market by acquiring RGS Nordic’s operations in Sweden. In 2023, Sortera announced the purchase of GBN Services Ltd, one of London's largest independent waste management and recycling of construction waste companies.

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"What I look for in an owner is someone who’s really aligned with the company strategy and overall goals. Someone that is trusting the management team to really execute on the strategy that you’ve agreed on"

Sebastian Wessman, CEO of Sortera

Sebastian Wessman, CEO of Sortera