Resman has rapidly evolved its innovative tracer and data analysis technology to provide a long term, reliable, risk-free and cost efficient alternative for reservoir monitoring.

Resman was formed in 2005 and since its inception the company has installed thousands of its proprietary Intelligent Tracer systems in hundreds of wells for more than 40 oil and gas operators worldwide. By using proprietary inflow quantification models developed in-house and verified by third party flow loop testing, Resman can accurately quantify zonalĀ  inflow contribution and detect the location of water breakthrough in complex and challenging completion environments.

Resman is committed to helping its customers gain valuable data about their reservoirs, ultimately improving the effectiveness of their reservoir management decisions. Resman's technology provides a low cost and low risk solution to gain long-term insight into what is flowing where, how much, in what well and in which zone of the well, which is highly valuable input for oil companies in their quest to increase oil recovery.

Nordic Capital Fund VIII acquired Resman in March 2015. The aim is to support the management team in further accelerating Resman's sales effort as well as invest in further development of the company's products in order to improve well reservoir management.


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EUR 20 million

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Nordic Capital Fund VIII, controlling shareholding

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Trondheim, Norway

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