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ArisGlobal: an innovative global leader in the life science industry

ArisGlobal is a leading global provider of innovative SaaS software that is transforming the way the most successful life sciences companies handle drug safety, clinical development, regulatory compliance, and medical affairs.

Investment Rationale

  • Superior product, including automation features and shift to a SaaS model
  • Opportunity to support the Company’s transformation to a platform player by developing best-in-class software that uses cutting edge AI technology to automate workflows
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs for the global pharma customer
  • Strong ESG agenda promoting the use of AI and machine-learning to increase productivity, bring new drugs to market, and ensure secure data stewardship

The visionary Company has successfully developed a next-generation technology platform that uses advanced cognitive computing and machine learning. More than 500 life sciences companies, CROs and government health authorities around the world rely on ArisGlobal’s software to accomplish mission-critical tasks throughout the drug development process.

Nordic Capital partnered with the founding family in 2019. The common goals were to accelerate ArisGlobal’s growth and provide better environmental health, social equity and economic vitality for future generations. A supplementary investment was made in 2021, when Nordic Capital acquired an additional shareholding from the founding family. Since then, the Company has benefited from continued investments in Research and Development, cognitive computing capabilities, global delivery, sustainable operations, and commercial excellence.



Technology & Payments



EUR 130 million




Fund IX, Fund X




Miami, FL, USA


ArisGlobal continues to lead the way to further integrate ESG measures at the core of its business and, ultimately, reduce its climate footprint in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement. In addition to lowering its carbon emissions by utilising renewable energy and sending excess generation to the common grid, the Company puts as much effort into being socially responsible. ArisGlobal sees ESG as key to create thriving and resilient communities for future generations. The company’s ESG Committee guides the employees and makes sure the corporate goals align with key environmental objectives. Knowing that its practice of supporting data-driven healthcare decisions can be energy-intensive, ArisGlobal is proud to have invested in resilient renewable energy sources to guarantee that business and sustainability goals go hand in hand.

  • 37% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 32% decrease in energy consumption
  • 38% less water usage at its offices
  • 100s of trees planted (one for every ArisGlobal customer)

(Data: Changes in % between 2021 and 2022)



"Since we began our partnership with Nordic Capital in 2019, we have shared a common vision for the future of the life sciences industry, and I am proud to say that together we have made great strides working together to realise that vision. We are committed to continuing to build intuitive intelligent, and unified life sciences software that fundamentally transforms global health and improves the lives of patients."

Mike Gordon, CEO of ArisGlobal