Founded by researchers at the University of Birmingham, Binding site has continued to research, develop, manufacture and distribute specialist immunodiagnostic assays and instrumentation for over 30 years.

Binding Site has continued to build on its strong scientific foundations, supporting research and development within our field and responding to the changing needs of patients, researchers and clinicians. The company is specialised in diagnostics and produces protein tests for diagnosis of certain blood cancer diseases as well as immunological disorders. With extensive expertise in antibody specificity technology, Binding Site gives clinicians and laboratory staff the tools to significantly improve diagnosis and management of patients across a range of cancers and immune system disorders. The UK head office houses all product development, manufacturing, global distribution and marketing. Worldwide customer support is also provided by a further 10 offices in the US and Europe.

Binding Site was acquired by Nordic Capital Fund VII in 2011. Nordic Capital’s ambition is to grow the existing products through increased market penetration, especially for the main product Freelite.

In April 2018, Nordic Capital’s 2008 vintage fund, Fund VII completed the transfer of its remaining nine unlisted portfolio companies including Binding Site, to a continuation vehicle, Nordic Capital CV1 or "CV1". Fund VII’s original term expired in December 2017 and by this transaction, Nordic Capital took the opportunity to maximise the value creation potential of these nine companies, providing them with active support and fresh capital over an additional five-year holding period under continued Nordic Capital management.


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Revenues 2021*

EUR 190 million

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Nordic Capital Fund VII, Nordic Capital CV1

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Head office

Birmingham, UK

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Investment date

2011, 2018

* Reported