Bambora was created by combining the leading payments businesses, Euroline, KeyCorp, Samport, MPS, DK Online and ePay, all acquired by Nordic Capital Fund VIII between May 2014 and April 2015 with the aim of creating a leading player within the payment services sector.

In May 2015, the Bambora Group was launched as a Nordic-based payment service group.  Its head office is located in Stockholm, but the Group's ambition is global.

Offering online, in-store and mobile payment solution services, Bambora processes close to EUR 50 billion in annual transaction volumes worldwide and provides payment solution services to more than 450,000 merchants in Europe, North America and APAC (as at June 2017).  Bambora is one of the very few payment providers with omni channel payment capabilities and global reach.


Nordic Capital has tracked the payments markets for more than ten years and had previously invested in a similar business, Point, in 2004. 

Leveraging our strong sector knowledge and network, we were able to engage with SEB to initiate a semi-exclusive process for acquiring Euroline, the base business for Bambora.

Three add-on acquisitions were also identified through proactive sourcing efforts before the platform investment in Euroline was completed. 

Investment rationale

  • Significant presence in online payments, which is a fast-growing underlying market.
  • Focus on the underserved small and medium-sized enterprises (“SME”) market.
  • Market leading core technology with scalable and truly global capabilities.
  • Significant untapped growth potential.
  • Access to a leading management team in the payment market.
  • Nordic Capital was the best positioned buyer: in-depth payment sector knowledge and extensive expert network.

Building the business

  • The business that Bambora is today was created through the successful acquisition and integration of thirteen payment companies (as at June 2017).
  • Nordic Capital brought in a proven, industry leading management team led by former Point (Nordic Capital Fund V portfolio company) CEO Johan Tjärnberg.
  • Nordic Capital funds have invested significantly in technology and operational improvement.
  • Growth has been generated by the successful development of new products particularly in the SME segment where the company has significantly increased its market share.
  • The business has also expanded into new markets including Norway, Denmark, Finland, US, Switzerland and Australia.
  • Within two years, Bambora has secured its position as a world leading payment powerhouse for the SME market. It is now one of the fastest growing companies in its sector with a unique technological platform.