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Sortera acquires RGS Nordic AB


Sortera strengthens its position in the soil decontamination market through the acquisition of RGS Nordic’s Swedish operations.

The Swedish operations, with 74 employees and a turnover of 500 million SEK, are done through the company RGS Nordic AB with facilities for reception and treatment of contaminated soil and construction waste in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Norrköping. The company also offers on-site treatment of contaminated soil and water. The acquisition will consolidate Sortera’s position as one of the market leaders in soil decontamination on the Swedish market.

– RGS Nordic AB has reached a solid market position through dedicated efforts over time, and we are pleased to welcome the company, as well as its employees, to the Sortera family, says Sebastian Wessman, CEO of Sortera. With this acquisition we will strengthen our organization and infrastructure to enable further expansion. This is in line with our strategy to grow Sortera through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions in both existing and new markets.

– We are pleased with the sale of RGS Nordic AB to Sortera which represents a near perfect match in terms of market coverage between our current market position on the Swedish market and Sortera’s high market ambitions there. I am sure that our business and skilled employees will benefit greatly from becoming part of Sortera in Sweden. RGS Nordic will now focus on our domestic market for waste management in Denmark – specifically on achieving our ambition of 80% recycling of construction waste in 2030 which will require great dedication, says Flemming Bendt, CEO of RGS Nordic.

The acquisition is pending the standard approval process from the Swedish Competition Authority. With the acquisition of RGS Nordic AB Sortera’s yearly turnover will reach approximately 2,7 billion SEK.

For more information, contact:
Sebastian Wessman, CEO Sortera
+46 72 886 95 97

RGS Nordic is a leading Danish-owned company within treatment of contaminated soil, waste water and recycling of construction and demolition waste. They operate reception and treatment facilities in Denmark and Norway – including the facility in Stigsnæs, which is Scandinavia’s largest commercial biological purification plant for waste water. RGS Nordic treats one third of all waste from construction projects in Denmark. At Stigsnæs, Denmark more than 400,000 tonnes of water waste is purified annually. Read more at

Sortera is an environmental company that collects and manages waste to make sure it is transformed into resources, through reuse, recycling or energy recovery, and that toxic and harmful substances and soils are taken care of in a safe manner. Company services include construction waste management, sludge and vacuum suction, industrial and soil decontamination, water purification and trade with waste for energy recovery. Sortera supports its customers with great service and reliable logistics. The company was founded in 2006 and has a turnover of SEK 2.2 billion today with approximately 600 employees. Sortera provides services that improve the environment for thousands of companies and individuals in northern Europe.