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Spotlight on Strategic HR

People are at the heart of business and their performance is one of the most direct contributors to success.

Supporting organisational performance

With a focused value creation plan developed at the outset of any Nordic Capital investment, it is a top priority to ensure that the people and performance in the portfolio companies are aligned with that strategy and capable of delivering it.

Strategic HR and Portfolio Talent Development is a key element of Nordic Capital’s approach to Ownership Excellence.

This in-house expertise is applied throughout the investment cycle: for the assessment of management and organisational capabilities at sourcing and selection; during the investment period when the board and management teams address gaps and enhance their capabilities; and at exit, when management readiness is crucial for new ownership or a future on the public markets.

Strategic HR in Action

Strategic HR supports the portfolio companies with assessing the quality of leadership and setting the right management to drive performance. The team is also actively engaged in bringing in the right people in CEO and C-suite positions as well helping to appoint chairs and board members.

  • Siteimprove received support to complete changes in the management team and develop new commercial capabilities to deliver the value creation plan that Nordic Capital had created together with the management team. Strategic HR also helped the company's CEO implement a new operating model and anchor performance management, to strengthen execution with more clarity of direction, collaboration and accountability in the daily work.

  • M&As require a high level of organisational change that can be supported by Strategic HR. Part of Conscia's growth has happened via acquisitions. They supported Conscia with the integration of NIL in Slovenia, working closely with the CEO and the management team to align strategic direction, future structure and put the most suitable people in the most critical roles. 

  • Strategic HR has a particular role to play in the first phase of on-boarding new companies. In Regnology, the team helped with designing the future structure and matching people to positions and bringing in top talent. The team also worked with the head of HR to review the maturity of the HR processes and define improvement opportunities.