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Spotlight on Digitalisation

Digitalisation is an integrated part of all Nordic Capital investments

For many of our portfolio companies in Healthcare, Tech & Payment and Finance Sector, using the latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies is a core part of the product development organisations.

One example is ArisGlobal that uses AI and machine learning to streamline manual Pharmacovigilance (PV) processes that enables organisations to realise greater efficiency, while freeing up resources to allow drug safety teams to focus on other tasks. PV is the function in drug development that ensures that safe and high-quality medicinal products are released to the market.  Another example is Trustly that uses AI and machine learning for developing new payment products based on risk involved in account-to-account payment worldwide.

Other portfolio companies use digitalisation for automation of internal & customer interaction processes and improving insights based on data. One example is GHD that have made their invoicing process more efficient using machine learning and robotic process automation. Cary Group have used machine learning for analysing windshields remotely via an app to automate booking of windshield repair appointments. Another example is MFEX that automated Fund Operations using cognitive services for text recognition.

Nordic Capital supports our portfolio companies with People & Partners in development of Digital capabilities

  • Operations team with long experience of Digital Transformations
  • Blackbelts with both technology and industry experience of Digital Transformations
  • Peer Community (with more than 50 CIOs, CTOs, CPOs and CDOs)
  • Technology Partners covering products, software development and AI/ML (Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, AWS, Capgemini, BearingPoint, EY and PWC)

We have also developed tools and best practices that can be used to quickly assess and develop the portfolio companies

Digital Support Tools for Software Product Development Teams

  • Due Diligence Framework
  • Product Management Assessment
  • Agile Assessment & Tech Excellence Programs
  • Software Architecture Assessment & Software Architecture Coaching
  • Standardised Software Product Development KPIs & Benchmarking Data
  • Nearshoring Centre in Lisbon for fast scale up of Nearshoring developer teams

Digital Support Tools for automation of processes & Internal IT

  • Due Diligence Framework
  • Recommended Software (i.e., Salesforce and Microsoft)
  • Standardised Data Platform & Business Development KPI’s
  • AI/ML Strategy & Readiness Assessment & AI/ML Execution Packages
  • Cyber Security Assessment & KPIs

Our Digital Value Creation, Coaching and Tech Excellence Program has resulted in increase of >50% in efficiency, while still increasing quality and predictability.