Nordic Capital Annual and Sustainability Review 2021

JULY 08 2022

The only constant in our modern world is change. This brings with it both challenge and significant opportunity. As private equity investors with an active ownership model, Nordic Capital is in a bespoke position to harness the positive power of change, not only within the business world but within society at large.

Belief in the transformative power of private equity to change the future for both people and the planet is embedded in Nordic Capital’s culture and investment framework. Our mission is to build healthier and more resilient companies that can make a lasting positive social and environmental impact.

2021 was an intensive year for Nordic Capital, completing fourteen exciting investment opportunities and realising nine full or partial exits.The current portfolio and our future pipeline reflect how Nordic Capital looks to partner with companies that have the ability to adapt, pre-empt shifts and future trends and ultimately shape their industries.

During 2021, we took steps within our organisation and portfolio to increase our commitment to sustainability, introducing ESG-linked financing, joining global initiatives and enhancing the sustainable performance of our companies.

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