Nordic Capital is an active, engaged owner that works in close collaboration with portfolio companies - often identifying truly transformative angles. The goal is to support the creation of strong, sustainable businesses that will thrive in the long term.

When a business is acquired, Nordic Capital appoints a Board of Directors. The Board members are carefully selected in order to provide the best possible combination of knowledge and experience.The Board is responsible for defining business strategy as well as ensuring that management receives the necessary support for implementation.

Nordic Capital works in close partnership with the management teams of its companies, who often invest alongside Nordic Capital Funds. This ensures a true alignment of interest and is a pre requisite for successful business development.   

Operational improvement is key to ownership excellence and Nordic Capital contributes significantly in this area to create growth and value faster.

A strong organisational framework ensures that the portfolio companies are equipped with the right resources and competencies to achieve their goals within an optimal time frame. As a result of this, 70% of the value created by Nordic Capital comes from operational improvement.

Nordic Capital generates strong returns for the investors in our Funds by the building of businesses that are more valuable at exit than they were before Nordic Capital’s acquisition. This benefit is not realised until exit of the businesses.

Ownership Excellence

Sourcing Investment
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Ownership Excellence
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  • Track businesses for several years before investing
  • Deeply rooted local presence and close relationships with advisors and banks
  • Proactive approach to building relationships with shareholders, boards, management teams
  • Focus on proprietary and exclusive situations
  • Finding alpha and avoiding beta

Operations Team

Nordic Capital's Operations Team includes professionals with deep industry knowledge and experience. Their role is to support and ensure the consistent application of best practice across the investment portfolio.

Strategic HR and Portfolio Talent Development

In-house expertise drives management assessment, leadership development and recruitment within Nordic Capital’s companies.

Industrial Advisors Network

A network of 100+ industrial advisors, including Operating Chairmen, industry and functional experts, is connected to Nordic Capital.

Cross Portfolio Initiatives

Delivering value from procurement, commercial excellence, digitalisation and other efforts across the portfolio.


Portfolio company governance, based on a set of best practices, is an essential part of Nordic Capital’s value creation model. A dedicated Sustainability function promotes best practice in environmental, social and corporate governance within our Funds as well as the portfolio companies.

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