Nordic Capital’s investment strategy is based on an active and committed ownership which supports the creation of companies with a long-term and successful development.

Nordic Capital's Portfolio Company Support, consisting of Operations Professionals and Industrial Advisors, plays an important role for the development of Nordic Capital's portfolio companies and the Funds’ continuous efforts to support its portfolio companies to become more competitive and successful.

With expertise and experience from industry and finance, the Portfolio Company Support are available to support the strategic and sustainable development of the acquired companies according to Nordic Capital’s focus on Ownership Excellence.

By sourcing these resources, Nordic Capital believes that the operational agenda at each portfolio company can be addressed in a structured and consistent manner which in turn is positive on the value creation plan.

More information is available under Operations Advisory Team and Industrial Advisors.

The Operations Advisory Team’s skills are  available to support the portfolio company boards across a number of areas e.g., operational transformation/change management, factory footprint, logistics, lean manufacturing, low cost country supply, sourcing, procurement, working capital management, pricing, strategic HR, management assessment and talent management, product and category management, industrial innovation, and other relevant operating capabilities.