Fredrik Näslund | Nordic Capital

Fredrik Näslund

Partner | Chief Investment Process Officer | Head of Technology & Payments

18 65 Fredrik Naslund Square


Investment Advisory, Nordic Capital Group Board



Joined in March 2001. Fredrik has been with Nordic Capital for over 20 years and has been the responsible advisor for more than 25 platform investments across the Technology & Payments and Healthcare sectors. Fredrik heads the Technology & Payments team and is Chief Investment Process Officer. He is also part of the Review Committee. Over the last fifteen years, Fredrik has devoted significant effort in building Nordic Capital’s position as the leading private equity investor in the Technology & Payments sector, including companies like Point, Bambora, Itiviti, CINT and Trustly. Prior to joining, Fredrik was part of the management team of Capio in various leadership positions. Fredrik holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and an MSc in Business Administration from the School of Economics and Commercial Law, University of Gothenburg.

"The tech sector is large and fast-growing, with fundamental mega trends such as regulation, digitalisation, AI, and big data shaping the industry. Nordic Capital aims to empower technology game-changers with its deep sector specialisation and dedicated operational support."