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Teach for Sweden – supporting young people and promoting inclusive education

Supporting innovative and inclusive education initiatives is a key focus area for Nordic Capital's social engagement agenda. Since 2021, Nordic Capital has been partnering with Teach for Sweden, which gives children access to more skilled and experienced teachers.

The two founders, Ida Karlberg Gidlund and Mattias Svensson, had a vision that schools must inspire, spur and guide students in their lives, regardless of socio-economic background and geography.

In 2022, one out of seven ninth graders in Sweden left lower secondary school with incomplete grades and were, thus, unable to pursue further studies. The main determinant of academic achievement is parents' educational background.

Since founding, almost 400 academics are either enrolled or have completed Teach for Sweden's programme. Together, they have educated about 40,300 students at +230 schools in 100 municipalities in Sweden.

By providing access to an equal education, Teach for Sweden believes that Sweden will be able to build a stronger and more democratic society, underpinned by diversity, knowledge, creativity and leadership.

  • 400 people are either enrolled or have completed the programme
  • 80% of alumni work in the education sector
  • 100% of school principals recommend recruiting via Teach for Sweden
  • 69 schools from all over Sweden hire via Teach for Sweden
  • 40,300 students are currently being taught by someone that either is enrolled or have completed the programme

"By partnering with robust NGO organisations with a strong commitment to driving change within our focus areas, we can actively impact the communities in which we operate. In a world with increased uncertainty and vulnerability, supporting organisations which enhance economic growth, entrepreneurship and education is a highly efficient tool to create more resilient, prosperous communities."

Klas Tikkanen, Chairman of the CSR Committee and COO at Nordic Capital Advisors