Storasyster | Nordic Capital


Nordic Capital supports Storasyster's mission to increase knowledge for a more inclusive society, free from sexual violence. With its 140 volunteers, Storasyster is Sweden's largest non-profit organisation for those subjected to sexual violence.


With the help of Nordic Capitals' contribution, Storasyster can support more people subjected to sexual violence, continue to increase public opinion, and prevent sexual abuse. Overall, the partnership with Nordic Capital aims to increase knowledge for a more inclusive society.

Storasyster receives over 6,000 support calls annually from people who otherwise would not have had anyone to turn to. Their support is open to anyone who is 13 years of age or older, regardless of gender identity and who has been subjected to sexual violence. The organisation also supports relatives to victims.

Examples of activities that Storasyster is managing:

  • Support and help online through chat services.
  • Individual counselling, trauma therapy, and support groups, online and at the Storasyster counselling center in Stockholm.
  • Legal advice.