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Norrsken Foundation

Norrsken Foundation and Nordic Capital work in partnership to support over 350 social entrepreneurs. Through the partnership, Nordic Capital advises Norrsken’s members on how to scale their businesses. The partnership is part of Nordic Capital's philanthropy agenda and strategy to build long term sustainable companies that contribute positively to society.

Norrsken Foundation is a Swedish non-profit organisation founded in 2016 and runs the award winning Norrsken House, which is a co-working hub and ecosystem consisting of 350 social entrepreneurs: an impact VC fund of EUR 30 mn that invests in entrepreneurs with the potential to improve the world; and two in-house initiatives, Klarity & 29k. The Foundation was established by Niklas Adalberth, the co-founder of the financial services company Klarna.

Norrsken believes entrepreneurs that use tech and business to create positive effects on people and/or planet can provide the most effective solutions to global challenges. The aim is to enable impact unicorns, companies positively affecting a billion people, which is measured on a continual basis. With an impact unicorn, there will not only be direct impact through the business, but also new role-models that can inspire both investors and employees to focus more on impact.

The aim of the partnership between Norrsken Foundation and Nordic Capital is to support the social entrepreneurs in the Norrsken ecosystem to scale their businesses, and increase the positive impact they have on the local communities.

"Nordic Capital has a world-class record of building and scaling sustainable businesses. It's fantastic to support Norrsken and impact entrepreneurs in their growth journeys. With this partnership, we can positively impact many people and even increase the chances of enabling one or more impact unicorns - a company positively affecting one billion people."

Kristoffer Melinder, Managing Partner, Nordic Capital Advisors