Encouraging education is one of Nordic Capital focus areas for its social engagement. In 2021, Nordic Capital entered into a partnership with the Swedish foundation Läxhjälpen, an organisation focusing on helping students with their homework.

Läxhjälpen is Sweden's largest non-profit organisation to support students with their homework. Since 2007, they run a structured and results-oriented homework support program in collaboration with 46 schools in eleven Swedish municipalities.

In 2020, 17,699 children in Sweden left primary school without upper secondary school eligibility, i.e. around 1,000 school classes. The homework support program is aimed at the schools with the lowest results and at those students who do not meet the goals.

Each semester, approximately 1,100 students are supported six hours a week in a structured program, with employed study coaches, working together to reach the goal of upper secondary school eligibility. The teachers select the students, who get support from the same coach for at least one and often several semesters.

Measured results and impact:

  • In 35 out of 45 partner schools, students who attend the homework support program perform better in terms of upper secondary school eligibility than other students in the same schools.

"Nordic Capital has a strong commitment to society and supports a number of idea-driven organisations and initiatives. We are convinced that education and mentoring programs for young people contribute to a healthier and better society."

Klas Tikkanen, Chairman of the CSR Committee and COO at Nordic Capital Advisors