A PEI mid-market roundtable with David Samuelson | Nordic Capital

Subsector specialism supports deal sourcing and improves operations

DECEMBER 04 2023

In challenging times, subsector specialism has proven of even greater relevance and importance to provide expertise and create genuine value for companies, said David Samuelson, Managing Director, Nordic Capital Advisors, in Private Equity International's most recent issue. He also reflected on recent investments and ways of utilising Artificial Intelligence.

The region's mid-market private equity firms are being even more selective at a time when sector specialisation is key, writes Private Equity International in its December/January edition. David Samuelson is featured in a roundtable analysis, discussing how Evolution, Nordic Capital’s EUR 1.2bn mid-market arm, has managed to keep up the pace and completed four deals in 2023.

Samuelson also reflects on Nordic Capital's early decision to adopt a specialist mindset and subsector strategy, which has proven of even greater importance to add value in uncertain economic times. "We've also developed functional expertise across areas such as data analytics and ESG. I think that combination of industry and functional knowledge is key," he said.

"PE isn’t just about finding companies. As competition has heated up, the ability to add real value has become critical. The way we’ve have approached this is through sector specialisation, which allows you to develop deep expertise in your deal teams, but also in your wider network, including executives and chairpeople"

David Samuelson, Managing Director at Nordic Capital Advisors