Spotlight on: Internship Experience | Nordic Capital

Spotlight on: Internship Experience at Nordic Capital Advisors

MAY 08 2024

As part of our commitment to nurturing talent, Nordic Capital Advisors offers internship opportunities throughout the year across our global offices. This spring, our Stockholm office welcomed two interns, Joanna and Tuva, contributing to investment projects in various capacities in the Investment Advisory team. In this feature, we explore their learning journey and gather insights for future interns.

The internship spans ten weeks, and we caught up with Tuva and Joanna when they were halfway through the program.

Q: What are you studying, and have you chosen your specialisation?

  • Joanna: I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree at Stockholm School of Economics, specialising in Accounting and Finance. I completed my bachelor’s degree at Stockholm School of Economics a year ago.
  • Tuva: I'm in the process of completing my bachelor's degree at Lund University, where my primary focus is on economics. Within this field, I've found macroeconomics particularly interesting. Additionally, I had the opportunity to spend a semester at Berkeley focusing on entrepreneurship and history.

Q: How has your studies helped you in your role as an intern?

  • Joanna: Pursuing a degree focusing on accounting and finance has equipped me to understand financial reports and the fundamental drivers of value within a company. This has been truly helpful during my internship as I have been able to extend this knowledge when undertaking actual projects as part of the Investment Advisory team.
  • Tuva: My studies have given me a broader understanding of economic context and the macroeconomic environment in which companies operate. Starting with this broader perspective has been invaluable as I dig into the micro-level details during my internship here at Nordic Capital Advisors.

Q: Why did you apply for this internship?

  • Joanna: During my studies, I've been exposed to various sectors. The fast-paced environment and the high level of ambition that seems to be defining the PE-industry was appealing to me. Nordic Capital’s excellent track-record and reputation was another deciding factor for me to apply.
  • Tuva: I was familiar with Nordic Capital through their legacy and some of their notable investments. Having previously interned in private equity, I was eager to learn from Nordic Capital's processes to understand the factors contributing to their success.

Q: How has your experience been so far?

  • Tuva: It's been great! I appreciate the genuine interest my colleagues have shown in adapting my experiences to my time here. The dynamic nature of the work, diverse projects, and clear goals have been enriching.
  • Joanna: Similarly, I've had excellent exposure to various companies and projects across different sectors. The emphasis on learning and development is evident, with colleagues eager to support my goals for this internship.

Q: How would you describe the Nordic Capital culture?

  • Tuva: There's a balance between allowing time for social interactions and maintaining a strong focus on high performance. The culture is result-oriented yet friendly.
  • Joanna: I agree, it's collaborative and fast-paced, offering a good mix of challenges and support. This combination of a high-performance environment with a welcoming culture is what both of us were seeking when we applied for this internship.

Q: What types of projects have you been involved with?

  • Joanna: I've been involved in advice provided across various stages of the investment process, including tasks revolving around company and industry research. I have also done work related to portfolio companies, such as benchmarking them against peers and participating in management meetings.
  • Tuva: I’ve done a large variety of tasks but mostly it has been revolved around research, focusing on the initial stages of potential transactions. This involves understanding the company and market before initiating due diligence processes. To offer a tangible example of what the research process may involve, it often includes extensive interviews with experts within the specific market.


Q: What advice would you offer future interns?

  • Joanna: Be proactive during your internship. If there are specific projects you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to express your desire to work on them. This approach has proven beneficial to us. Also, don’t be afraid to voice your aspirations and interest. Asking plenty of questions and being curious to learn are also key.
  • Tuva: Engage with the various parties involved at Nordic Capital; we've had insightful calls with different teams, providing valuable perspectives on Nordic Capital’s multifaceted operations and the different stages of acquiring a company.

Q: What field would you like to work in the future?

  • Joanna: I want to work with businesses and investments. Whether it be in advisory services or private equity. This field fascinates me.
  • Tuva: Similarly, I'm drawn to finance. Through internships, I've explored different facets of the industry, each with its merits and challenges, but I'm still exploring.
  • Joanna: One of the perks of this internship has been the breadth of exposure it provided. Engaging with banks, consultancy firms, and portfolio companies, I gained insights into their operations and roles. This not only deepened my understanding of Nordic Capital's way of working, but also acquainted me with various entities within the portfolio and Nordic Capital's partners which is helpful when I’m considering where I want to end up in the future.

Curious to join Nordic Capital Advisors?

Internship opportunities in London, Stockholm, and Frankfurt will become available in September. If you're keen on opportunities, stay tuned to our career site here.

For any inquiries about internships or job openings, feel free to reach out to Mona Tazaly.


"There's a balance between allowing time for social interactions and maintaining a strong focus on high performance. The culture is result-oriented yet friendly."