Podcast: Joakim Lundvall, Partner, Nordic Capital Advisors, discusses private equity in Sweden and the Evolution Fund

JULY 04 2023

In this episode of the podcast Värdeskaparna, Joakim Lundvall, Partner and Head of Nordic Capital Evolution, Nordic Capital Advisors, reflects on his own journey as well as the past few decades of private equity in Sweden.

Lundvall delves into how PE since the 1980s has gone from being rather marginalised to becoming ever-more fundamental to Swedish entrepreneurs.

Whereas the industry’s professionalisation, rising influence and increasingly elevated profile are encouraging, he adds, it remains key for Nordic Capital to preserve and maintain the agile and innovative approach that long made PE successful.

He is joined by Dag Lindstrand from OPX Partners and the financial reporter Erik Wahlin.

Key themes:

  • His own background in Germany and Nordic Capital’s focus and approach on the DACH market
  • When private equity is sensible and can benefit companies, and, other times, when other ownership models are more suitable
  • Nordic Capital Evolution Fund: The fundraise, the investment strategy, the future

Listen to the episode here.