Joakim Karlsson and Kristoffer Melinder to become Managing Partners | Nordic Capital

Joakim Karlsson and Kristoffer Melinder to become Managing Partners


Since its foundation little more than 20 years ago, built on true entrepreneurship, Nordic Capital has grown to be one of the private equity leaders in the Nordic region, with advisory firms in six countries and over 80 committed professionals. The Funds have today a combined portfolio of more than 20 investments, with combined annual revenues of nearly EUR 13bn and almost 80,000 employees.

Nordic Capital continues to build on this position of strength, and further develop its advisory network to ensure that it remains committed to all its stakeholders.

As part of this process, Mr. Joakim Karlsson and Mr. Kristoffer Melinder have assumed the roles of Managing Partners. In their new capacities, Joakim and
Kristoffer will coordinate and lead the advisory work, external relationships and the Nordic Capital advisory firms' development going forward.

This will not, however, change the manner in which Nordic Capital advisory firms formulate advice for the benefit of the general partners of the various Funds on investments and exits. Such advice will continue to be formulated on a consensual basis amongst all Nordic Capital partners in the spirit of true partnership.

Kristoffer Melinder: "This is a natural step for us since the Nordic Capital advisory firms have grown in size and complexity and the general operating environment now is more demanding. This new role offers a set of fresh and exciting challenges to supplement our existing responsibilities, even though Joakim and I expect to continue to devote more than half our time to pursue attractive investments."

Joakim Karlsson: "We have a vision of how we, as investment advisors and investment professionals, can continue to develop the Nordic Capital advisory firms for the future; building on our strengths and trying to become better at all aspects of the investment and governance cycle."

Robert Andreen: "This transition is an undramatic step in the gradual evolution of Nordic Capital. Morgan Olsson and I have laid the groundwork over many years and this is further proof of our partnership culture working in a way that is
capable of change and development. The timing of this transition is also logical as we have now assisted in stabilizing the Funds' portfolio of companies, and

Fund VII is halfway through its commitment period. This will also allow Morgan and I to focus more on the further development of Nordic Capital, including building new relationships, especially outside the Nordic region, which should potentially be of benefit to the Funds and any successor funds."

For further information, please contact Joakim Karlsson or Kristoffer

Melinder on +46 8 440 50 65, or Robert Andreen, Chairman, on +46 8 440 50 50