Capio strengthens position in the French Basque region through acquisition of the Aguilera clinic

DECEMBER 12 2011

Capio, one of Europe's leading healthcare companies, has acquired the Aguilera clinic in Biarritz, southwest France, from French hospital Group Générale de Santé. Through the acquisition, Capio enforces its position as the major private healthcare provider in the French Basque region.

After the acquisition, Capio will have four clinics in the Basque region. Capio is already offering a wide range of treatments within medicine, surgery and obstetrics through its existing three clinics in Bayonne, attracting 50,000 patients in 2010.

The Aguilera clinic offers all major surgical specialties and has over the years become a medical reference centre within orthopaedics, ophthalmology and hand surgery. In 2010, the clinic received more than 14,000 emergency patients. The clinic has 223 employees and 70 doctors and had sales of 22,7 MEUR in 2010. It has 183 beds and ambulatory places within medicine and surgery, 10 operating theatres and a recovery room.

- Through the acquisition of the Aguilera clinic, Capio is strengthening its offering and position as the major private healthcare provider in the Basque region. With the strength of the pan-European knowledge sharing within Capio Group, we will be able to give the Aguilera clinic the opportunity to continue developing its healthcare offering even further, says Sveneric Svensson, Business Area Manager, Capio France.

Capio's other clinics in the region are Capio Clinic Lafourcade, Capio Clinic St Etienne and Capio Clinic Paulmy. In total, the three clinics have 950 employees and 150 doctors and had annual sales of 75 MEUR in 2010.

Capio in France is Capio Group's largest business area with approximately 5,100 employees at 25 clinics across the country. Every year, the clinics receive more than 500,000 patients of which 90,000 require emergency medical attention. Due to its size and expertise, Capio France is offering all medical treatment methods authorised in the country.

For further information, please contact:

Sveneric Svensson
Business Area Manager, Capio France
Telephone: +46 70 530 52 10

Linda Wallgren
Corporate Communications Manager, Capio AB
Telephone: +46 31 732 40 16

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