Warning - phishing mails

Nordic Capital has become aware that its NC Advisory company name(s), address details and logos are being abused for illegal phishing activities, particularly in Denmark, and typically in e-mails which wrongly appear to be sent from or associated with Nordic Capital.

If you have received or do receive any such emails, sms or similar notifications via social media etc. often containing links, where you are requested to submit either further information or signatures, we recommend that you disregard and delete such correspondence immediately, as this does not originate from Nordic Capital and is typically an illicit attempt to obtain your personal data for the purpose of obtaining access to your bank accounts, and other forms of money transfers.

If you have already unintentionally acted on such correspondence, and are based in Denmark, we recommend that you report this directly to the Danish police on the following link https://politi.dk/anmeld/it-relateret-oekonomisk-kriminalitet, otherwise please contact our Danish office on +45 3344 7750.  If you have been affected by such phishing scam and are not based in Denmark, please contact your local police.