Supporting entrepreneurs and encouraging the importance of education, Nordic Capital joined a partnership with My Dream Now, enabling young people to know their worth in society and find their own ways to work and dreams. 

My Dream Now offers a concrete program for inspirational collaboration between schools and employers. The focus is on elementary- and high school students in areas with great potential, where many young people lack adult role models with inspiring jobs.

My Dream Now holds a “Class coach program” where volunteers are firstly trained and after meet students in up to four sessions in a school year. Nordic Capital’s employees engage as class coaches together with employees from other My Dream Now partners, inspiring young students to see opportunities in the job market.

Each session in the program has different themes, for example, understanding the importance of active leisure time to get experiences outside the school, deepened knowledge of the job market and how to apply for jobs. Additionally, students make inspirational study visits to partner companies and a wide range of other employers during the school year. 

The purpose of the programs is to inspire students to believe in themselves, to understand their opportunities and value in the working life and to seek their own dreams and find ways to get there. 


Since My Dream Now’s foundation, they have

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"I feel much more ready to find jobs in the future thanks to My Dream Now."

“My Dream Now has influenced me to become more active and focus more on my dream and plans for my life. " 

"They have made me motivated and to dare to dream."

"I've learned that there are more professions than I thought."

"You learn about the different paths to your goals that you have, that you should not be worried about the future."