Sunrise Medical leads in the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, high-quality mobility products and services.

Sunrise Medical focuses on improving people's lives by developing innovative, high-quality mobility products and does it in a respectful way both in terms of social contribution, environmental commitment and corporate responsibility.

In providing high-quality mobility products, Sunrise Medical plays an important part in improving people’s lives. This sense of social contribution is fundamental to the way that the company does business. Sunrise Medical maintains its focus and commitment to customers through a high level of interaction and engagement and provides various communication platforms including social media so that customers can interact in order to provide feedback on products, share experiences or ask questions. This process of proactive engagement has made a significant impact on innovation and improvement within the business.

Sunrise Medical is committed to protecting the environment. To that end the Sunrise Medical Global Environmental Initiative was created to embed green thinking throughout the global organisation and at all stages of the manufacturing process. An increasing shortage of natural resources means that it is more important than ever to find ways to do business in a sustainable way. For Sunrise Medical, it makes clear business sense to not only pay attention to – but also to proactively manage – environmental impacts such as natural resource conservation, pollution and recycling. Sunrise Medical has taken action to lower its carbon footprint. By installing automatic lights and highly efficient heaters in all its facilities, the Company has achieved a 12% decrease in energy usage over the course of one year.

Sunrise Medical recognises that environmental protection is part of a wider sustainability agenda. In ensuring environmentally sustainable manufacturing, Sunrise Medical has been able to lower its energy and climate impact, as well as improve water management and waste handling.

Sunrise Medical understands that a healthy economy, environment, and society are fundamental to long-term business growth and it has therefore successfully placed sustainability at the heart of its business strategy. Sustainability is prioritized by board and management, which has in turn embedded appropriate corporate policies and practices that support social contribution in all areas of its operation. Sunrise Medical continuously educates its own employees and business partners on ethical corporate behaviour through its global compliance programme.