Handicare Group offers solutions and support to increase the independence and mobility of the elderly and disabled, as well as to improve conditions for their care providers and family; and is currently one of the top three global leaders in the Accessibility and Patient Handling markets.

Sustainability is an integral part of the way that Handicare operates and under Nordic Capital’s ownership the business has ­increased its focus in this area: it strives to make life easier for its customers, while also taking responsibility for environmental, social and economic issues where its operations have an impact. The core ­areas of the Handicare sustainability ­strategy are Corporate Compliance, Environment and the Supplier Qualification Programme and these are detailed below.

Handicare has developed a Corporate Compliance programme that combines sound business practice, ethical conduct and respect for the Law.

As a business that operates in the healthcare sector, Handicare has also made whistleblowing an integral part of its ­Compliance Programme. Any stakeholder that discovers wrongdoing is able to report it without risk of retaliation or discrimination with the aim of enabling them to proactively raise concerns rather than overlooking a problem or seeking a resolution outside the Company.

In addition, the Programme articulates the Company’s approach to trade sanctions, competition, anti-bribery, data protection as well as its position on human rights.

A core element of this Programme is Handicare’s Code of Conduct, which covers Anti-corruption and Ethics, Labour Standards and Human Rights, and the Environment It is designed to set high standards of behaviour for employees, management and partners and to engender a high degree of personal and professional integrity.

In addition, Handicare has recently distributed an online training tool for the four manuals in the Corporate compliance programme (Anti-bribery, Trade sanctions, Competition and Data Protection). The training consists of four videos explaining the manuals and the laws behind them. The aim is that 100% of Handicare’s non-labour employees (approximately 800 of 1,150 employees) will enrol in the training.

Handicare conducts its business in an environmentally sustainable way, improving efficiencies and investing in sustainable products, services, and technologies. Employees are actively encouraged to contribute their ideas for reducing the ­environmental impact of the Company’s activities.

Handicare publishes a set of Environmental Goals, which includes compliance with local environmental laws and regulations, and if possible to obtain the recommended ISO 14001 certification; prevention or reduction of waste production and the use of recycling, re-use or reclamation; and, taking the necessary measures to ensure that waste is ­recovered or disposed of without endangering human health or the environment. Handicare also ensures that environmental resources are used responsibly and carefully, minimising packaging and packaging waste where possible.

The Supplier Qualification Programme defines the way that Handicare deals with its suppliers. It includes the Supplier Code of Conduct which ensures that the products delivered to Handicare comply with the highest quality standards under which Handicare expects to conduct business responsibly.

The Supplier Code of Conduct describes Handicare’s expectations in three general areas: Anti-corruption and Ethics; Labour Standards and Human Rights; and ­Environment.

Handicare does not tolerate any illegal or unethical acts, and in the event that a Supplier breaches the Supplier Code of Conduct, Handicare is entitled to terminate existing agreements with immediate effect.

Handicare also expects all suppliers to comply with all applicable local environmental laws and regulations, and if possible to obtain the recommended certification.