Fund Overview

Nordic Capital's success in attracting well-known, leading international institutional investors - including public and private pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, endowments and family offices, and other institutional investors- is based on its investment approach, reputation and ability to assess complex situations and transform them into success. Nordic Capital currently has a large number of high-quality institutional investors committed to its funds, and a large share of these investors have reinvested in multiple Nordic Capital funds. Attracting international capital for regional investments is one of the key functions of private equity.

Approximately 90% of Nordic Capital's investor capital comes from investors outside of the Nordic countries. Nordic Capital and private equity in general is a major capital importer to the Nordic region. For example, private equity accounts for ca. 30% of all foreign direct investment in Sweden.1)

To invest in a Nordic Capital fund, investors require a very high degree of transparency as well as detailed information on investments and fund development. Close relationships with the Nordic Capital Fund Manager (General Partner) and the Investment Advisor are also key factors. All investors conduct thorough due diligence of a new fund before making an investment decision. Nordic Capital's Investor Relations Team coordinates these key relationships, and this often involves major parts of the Nordic Capital General Partner and NC Advisory organisations (for example at the Annual Investor Meeting, where all active funds and portfolio companies are presented). All investors receive quarterly reports that include investment valuations produced in accordance with international accounting standards.

Nordic Capital Funds has assets under management of approximately EUR 11 bn (as of January 2014). The most recently closed Fund, Nordic Capital Fund VIII, reached its hard cap in December 2013, with EUR 3,500 mn in committed capital and with the following geographically split; 48% of the committed capital came from investors in North America, 28% from Asia and the Middle East, 23% from Europe (including the Nordic region) and the remaining 1% from the rest of the world.

Approximately 65% of Fund VIII committed capital came from existing investors in prior Funds, with the remainder from high caliber new investors from across the globe. 

All of Nordic Capital's active funds are domiciled in Jersey, Channel Islands and are advised by advisory offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Frankfurt and London.

1) Source: SCB & EVCA as of 2011 

Fund Year Committed capital
Fund I1990EUR 55 m
Fund II1993EUR 110 m
Fund III1998EUR 350 m
Fund IV2000EUR 760 m
Fund V2003EUR 1,500 m
Fund VI2006EUR 1,900 m
Fund VII2008EUR 4,300 m
Fund VIII2013EUR 3,500 m