Committed Ownership
Nordic Capital's aim is to act as the catalyst in realising long-term profit enhancement for its investments. Setting mutual goals with the individual portfolio company managements is a critical factor in successfully creating value. This might include actions that require several years to come to fruition, such as strategic add-on acquisitions, organic growth or establishing an international sales organisation.  

Managing Complexity
Nordic Capital's investments are often industry-consolidating buy-outs in which two or more related businesses are acquired and combined into a new, stronger entity. Nordic Capital's experience in managing these complex transactions has given it a reputation as an industry leader and has historically created stronger companies.  

Energy and Drive
Nordic Capital's inherent culture is characterised by a hands-on approach, energy and drive and a true commitment to change and long-term value creation in the portfolio companies. Combined with resources provided by a unique network of external advisors, Nordic Capital can quickly analyze complex investments or strategic situations, supporting rapid decision making with respect to potential transactions and internal change at the portfolio company level.

Corporate Agenda
At the start of any relationship, key elements in the corporate agenda are addressed and these can include a basic approach to secure competitiveness by reducing complexity, streamlining processes, reducing cost levels and ensuring an appropriate financial structure. From there, growth and development are encouraged by expansion into new markets, investments in product development and other organic growth initiatives.  

Industrial Advisors
This successful approach is combined with a unique network of external advisors. Nordic Capital maintains a number of close and typically exclusive relationships with seasoned industry specialists who serve as Nordic Capital's industrial advisors. Nordic Capital draws actively on the expertise and contacts of this network when analyzing strategic opportunities, complex investments, potential transactions, internal changes within portfolio companies and add-on opportunities. Nordic Capital often draws on the Industrial Advisors' expertise by appointing them to serve on selected Boards of Directors of portfolio companies in which its funds invest.