The origins of Nordic Capital date back to 1989 when Skandia Life Insurance, the largest insurance company in the Nordic Region and Svenska Handelsbanken, a major Nordic commercial bank established a joint venture to pursue buyouts. Robert Andreen and Morgan Olsson, then senior executives at Handelsbanken, co-founded Nordic Capital and, with SEK 500 million committed by Skandia, created Nordic Capital I with focus on Swedish investments. Since that time, the Nordic Capital funds has become some of the most prominent and respected private equity funds in Europe.

1989-1993 Fund I - The early years

  • Robert Andreen and Morgan Olsson co-found Nordic Capital in 1989
  • Skandia Life Insurance and Svenska Handelsbanken establish a joint venture and commit to support Nordic Capital Fund I with EUR 55 mn
  • Due to regulatory considerations, initial investments are made with co-investors or in partnership with vendors


1994-1997 Fund II - Development of a Swedish buyout market

  • Nordic Capital Fund II is formed with commitments of EUR 110 mn from five Sweden-based investors
  • Nordic Capital plays an active role in the creation and development of the buyout market in Sweden


1998-1999 Fund III - International investors

  • Nordic Capital sources capital internationally and successfully establishes Nordic Capital Fund III at EUR 350 mn, based in Jersey according to international industry standards
  • NC Advisory, investment advisor to the Nordic Capital funds, is established in 1998
  • Nordic Capital's expanding network of business contacts enable it to pursue buyouts outside Sweden


2000-2003 Fund IV -  Expanding in the Nordic region

  • Nordic Capital Fund IV with commitments of EUR 760 mn is established already in 2000, which is earlier than expected. Investments are now made in all Nordic countries and across several industry sectors and the NC Advisory office in Copenhagen is established. Realizations in line with historical returns provide significant capital returns


2003-2007 Fund V and VI - Growing

  • Nordic Capital Fund V is established during 2003 with commitments of EUR 1.5 bn. The partner group is expanded to seven partners
  • Nordic Capital captures several investment as well as exit opportunities. The Advisory company employs over 20 investment professionals
  • Nordic Capital pursues its investment strategy and approaches primarily existing investors to establish Fund VI in 2006 at EUR 1.9 bn


2008-2012 Fund VII - International expansion and leadership transition

  • In 2008, Nordic Capital Fund VII is fully raised at EUR 4.3 bn and ready to make its first investment
  • NC Advisory opens offices in Oslo, Helsinki, Frankfurt and London
  • In 2009, the Nordic Capital organisation celebrates its 20 year
  • In 2010, Joakim Karlsson and Kristoffer Melinder assume the roles of co-Managing Partners for the NC Advisory network , which now consists of approx. 75 employees.
  • In 2011, Nordic Capital announces the EUR 9.6 bn sale of Nycomed- the largest private equity trade sale in Europe and the third largest ever globally
  • During 2012, Nordic Capital wins more awards than in any previous year; including
    • Nordic Deal of the Year at the 11th Real Deals Private Equity Awards
    • Exit of the Year at the "Riskkapital 2012" awards, hosted by the Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association
    • Private Equity Fund of the Year in Denmark, by the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
    • Operational Excellence Award in EMEA/Healthcare by Private Equity International
    • Most consistent top private equity house globally in performance report by HEC-Dow Jones
    • Best Nordic LBO Fund at the Private Equity Exchange Awards
  • Over a period of 24 months in 2012-2013, Nordic Capital funds make platform investments in 9 European companies


2013 Fund VIII - Continuing the Nordic Capital way 

  • Nordic Capital Fund VIII with EUR 3.5 bn in committed capital, closes in 2013 and makes its first investment the same year
  • Fund VIII will build on the well proven strategy executed by Nordic Capital's prior
    seven funds, investing in mid-market companies with strong market positions and
    clear growth potential across the Nordic region and Europe. Healthcare  investments will continue to play an important role in the Fund's capital allocation. As with previous funds, Nordic Capital's experienced investment team will target control oriented investments, supporting growth in portfolio companies through well-defined investment themes