About Nordic Capital

A market leader
Nordic Capital is a leader in Nordic private equity investments, and now has an enviable reputation in investment and portfolio management. Since launching in 1989, Nordic Capital funds have delivered outstanding returns for our investors. We are repeatedly awarded for outstanding investments.

Value creation
Nordic Capital's successful model for enabling value creation blends a careful approach to investment selection, strategic development, a drive for operational excellence and a committed ownership approach. Multiple deal sourcing channels, careful analysis, thorough due diligence and a clear post acquisition plan ensure that investments deliver consistently high returns for Nordic Capital's investors. 

Responsible investing
As a leader in Nordic private equity investing, Nordic Capital is committed to investing responsibly, and believes that a responsible approach is essential for promoting long term business success and value creation. Long before responsible investing became a prevailing criteria in the investment world, Nordic Capital was deploying it as an essential ingredient in building value in portfolio companies. The responsible investing approach, which calls for long term collaboration and engagement amongst all stakeholders to deliver a successful outcome, is implicit in the culture of the Nordic region.

Experienced team
The expertise of the Nordic Capital professionals provide committed ownership and support to the portfolio company management teams, and encourages a hands-on operational approach to problem solving. Nordic Capital's investment advisors have extensive and first-rate experience in private equity investments, mergers, acquisitions and public equity offerings. This expertise, combined with backgrounds in investment banking, management consulting and industry, ensures a skilled approach to all investments. In addition, Nordic Capital has also built an external network of experienced industrialists and specialists to provide advice as and when necessary.